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BLS Provider Course Documents

Provider Course Requirements:

  • Completed course rosters

  • Documentation related to dispute resolution (attach to course roster as indicated)

  • Originals or a summary of course evaluations (used by students to rate the course and instructor)

    • Note: For facilities or TCs using eCards, the AHA no longer requires that course evaluations be on paper. (A student has the opportunity to complete an online course evaluation when claiming the eCard.) For facilities or TCs currently issuing paper course completion cards, the AHA still requires paper course evaluations.

  • Original evaluations if there were problems with the course

  • Student exam answer sheets and skills performance sheets for students who did not or have not yet met course completion requirements

  • Skills Session paperwork for eLearning courses, including roster, certificate of completion for the online portion, and original or summary of course evaluations for the hands-on session

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