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Instructor Requirements

  • Teach at least 4 courses in 2 years

  • Teach AHA courses in accordance with the official AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC

  • Own and maintain all equipment needed for teaching AHA courses including manikins that meet feedback device requirements

  • Own an instructor manual for each discipline taught along with required course delivery materials (DVD, USB, digital videos and/or online keys)

  • Attend annual Instructor Science Update in January

  • Pay $195 affiliation fee bi-annually

  • Keep a credit card on file for card fees

  • Maintain liability insurance if teaching on your own

Class Requirements:

  • Enter all classes into Enrollware

  • Upload a signed roster into every single class

  • Ensure proper student to instructor ratio

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my videos? 

If you are teaching full classroom AHA classes, you must show the videos to your students. There are various options for videos including a DVD, USB drive or digital rights. Digital rights can be downloaded onto your computer for offline use. If you are unsure if you have access or not, contact us. We have many supplementary videos that can also be shown during your classes. Click the link to access. 

Do i have to show videos?

Yes. Unless your students have taken the online course, you must show AHA videos during your class. Details and outlines can be found in your AHA Instructor Manual. You can click the link to access supplementary videos to also show during your class. 

How soon following a course do I have to submit my roster?

AHA states that you have 19 days to submit a roster and issue eCards following a course. We recommend submitting within 24 hours. For assistance with entering courses and issuing cards, click the link. 

Where can i order Cards?

Send an email to with the quantity and type of cards needed. An estimate can be given to those that require a purchase order (schools). 

Where can i order Cards?

Current card prices can be found by clicking the link. *Note - prices are subject to change, sometimes without warning. 

What's required when submitting rosters?

We require that a signed roster be uploaded with every class. This provides proof that a student showed up. We recommend uploading hard copy evaluations but this is not an AHA requirement. 

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